Anto Binish Kaspar

Hello there,

I am Anto Binish Kaspar. Owner of Roanuz. Dreaming to create a new generation AI.

I love what ever i do and use. And that love gives full energy and creativeness to what ever i do.

I dedicated my complete focus, effort, thoughts on solving extremely complex technical task, managing big team, client meetings, setting up new company. After 8 years, I realised that I failed to build a strong online reputation which showcase my real skills and here I begin.

Welcome to my web page.


My Social Links

Know more about me on social network websites. I am available on most networking websites. You can find me under the username binishkaspar

Recent Works

Sportsup Club

A platform to build sports carrier and organise sports event. Its like a LinkedIn for athletes, clubs and teams but much more detail of sport, stats and events.

Technologies: Python, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Tornadoweb, AWS EC2

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Roanuz is my startup company. I started it on April 2012. Now company has 9 full time developers and 5 part time resources. Office is located near Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai, India. We love making creative products.

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Litzscore Developers

Best Cricket API available on the internet. Litzscore provides live cricket data api which covers all cricket formats from ICC, IPL and CL matches. Simple to use REST based cricket API.

Technologies: Python, Javascript, Tornadoweb, Roanuz Framework, Cordova (Phonegap), Windows 8, AWS, Websocket, HTML5, LESS, AWS, Cassandra, CDN, AWS Route 53 and AWS ELB

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´┐╝The Qatar Cardiovascular Biorepository (QCBio) consists of plasma and DNA of Qatari patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and age-, gender-, and ethnicity-matched controls.

Technologies: Python, Django, Cassandra, Javascript, Elastic Search, Nginx and AWS

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